Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well it is all very exciting this week. The Brazilian F1 is being held tomorrow and either Lewis Hamilton of McLaren or Felipe Massa of Ferrari will be the world champion. It comes down to the wire as this will be the last race of the season and currently Lewis Hamilton is 7 points ahead of Massa. Massa is on pole with Hamilton positioned at #4 for the race. Massa will need to win or come 2nd with Hamilton making a serious mistake to tahe the championship but anything is possible.

The election in USA is tightening up. A lot of folks have voted early and there is 1-2 points in it which is within the margin or error. There is a realistic chance that the election could go to Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain both Senators. This will be my first time voting in USA and I am looking forward to it. I hope that the result is clear cut and we dont need to have a Florida 2000 replay. Tuesday November 4th is the day.

In New Zealand it is looking fairly good for a National / ACT government after the November 8th election. John Key has publicly stated that he will work with ACT and there is a strong chance of ACT leader and MP for Epsom having a cabinet position after the election if National are in the position to govern. A party vote for ACT will enable National to get things done for the people of NZ in a way that is going to make a positive change. ACT is a reliable partner for National and they will work well together. I will be making the trip to NZ in time to watch the results. My mother is running for ACT in Rodney District and has been working very hard indeed. I am looking forward to hearing about the results with my folks and other party supporters on election night. Things are also looking good for National Candidate Simon Bridges in Tauranga, he will make an excellent MP. Winston may be looking for a job after the election.

SO get out and Vote......... The choice is yours.

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