Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Axl Rose arrested in Sweden

Guns and Roses lead singer Axl Rose was arrested in Stockholm Sweden this morning for allegedly starting an argument with a lady at the Berns Hotel, and being to drunk to speak. He was also accused of biting a security guard in the leg. He has been released and paid a fine and some cash to the security guard, so I guess it is now business as usual.

It is great to see that G'N'R are on a world tour at the moment. The first in quite a while. It is also good that they have not thrown the towel in and cancelled shows randomly, as they have done in the past, causing riots and anarchy.

I am crossing my fingers that the show makes it to Los Angeles..... Last time I saw G'N'R was in Auckland on Axl's 30th birthday. He is now 44.....

Rock on.

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