Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bill Clinton explains friendship with G H W Bush

Former President US Bill Clinton told students Monday night that his new relationship with former President George H.W. Bush is an example of how people can overcome differences to do good. These previous Presidents work well together for the good of the country, and it is a pleasant change to see the both of them together in an interview.

"I like working with him," Clinton said to hundreds of students at the World Scholar Athlete Games at the University of Rhode Island, "and I like arguing with him."

While Clinton's main message was to look beyond individual differences in the name of altruism, he added some muted criticisms of the current Bush Administration.

"You have to try to make more partners and fewer terrorists, more friends and fewer enemies," Clinton said.

In response to a student's question, Clinton spoke of mending his differences with the current president's father, a political adversary he defeated in the 1992 presidential election.

President George W. Bush asked Clinton to work with his father to raise aid money after a Tsunami devastated Asia in December 2004. When hurricanes devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast last year, the pair of former presidents worked together again.

Clinton stressed that the two remain very different men.

"He's 80-some years old and he jumps out of airplanes," the 59-year-old said. "I just play golf."

Since their friendship, the two presidents from opposite parties have not changed their political opinions, Clinton said. Instead, the pair have looked beyond their differences to areas where they agree and can help others, an example he hopes other politicians will follow.

"All this bitter partisanship has been poison for this country," he said.

Maybe this is a good lesson for the boys and girls from ACT and National in NZ??? Get along and find good ways to work together to win the next election for the better of NZ.....

Through his friendship with the current president's father, Clinton said his respect for the current president has grown. Bush has a better take on immigration than the more conservative members of his party, Clinton said, and he got Congress to spend millions fighting AIDS.

Still, Clinton noted that he and George W. Bush have "huge differences."

I wonder if Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark ever get together for a game of bridge?


Andrew said...

Apparently Bush Snr found a general to replace Rumsfeld, but Bush Jnr wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Rob Good said...

Bush Snr is not the President anymore.

stef said...

Oh Clinton... you used to be so hot.