Tuesday, June 13, 2006

George W Bush visits Baghdad

US President George W Bush has paid a surprise visit to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, his first since November 2003 when he also made a surprise visit to Iraq. The Whitehouse wanted to show Iraqi leaders that USA is here to support them.

Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri Maliki was only given a five-minute warning before meeting the guest for talks at the US embassy in the fortified Green Zone.

Iraq's future is in your hands, Mr Bush told the Iraqi prime minister. The President told PM Maliki that he was there to look him in the eye. PM Maliki thanked George for visiting, and they had high level discussions.

#43 is due to leave Iraq in a matter of minutes, as 5 hours is the amount of time that he was planning on visiting. He is currently talking with US troops before leaving.

A good move.


Channel Chanel said...

Im sure this is going to cause quite a bit of trouble in the near future.

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Oh rubbish. I thought it quite astute of Bush to go to Iraq and meet the new govt.

Rob Good said...

that is right.