Thursday, June 22, 2006

PM Tony Blair nearly got egg on his face

British Prime Minister Tony Blair narrowly missed being hit by an egg as he travelled to southwest England to meet crime victims.

Blair, whose Labour Party is sagging badly in public opinion polls, was greeted with jeers from a 60-strong crowd as he arrived at a community centre in Bristol city.

One woman threw an egg at him, but it missed its target and broke over the road instead. Police later confirmed that she had been arrested in connection with the incident.

Blair travelled to the deprived Southend district of Bristol to hear a group of 16 local residents describe how they have been intimidated by local thugs, only to be badly treated when they gave evidence against them in court. Sounds like Tony and his boys need to work harder on crime prevention.

His two-day visit to Bristol came as his government tries to underline its commitment to overhauling the criminal justice system and rebalancing civil liberties in favour of the victims. Well he has had plenty of time to do so.

He is expected to launch a nationwide debate on crime during a keynote speech in the city on Friday.

In May 2004, Blair was hit on the back of the left shoulder when a pair of fathers' rights activists hurled a condom full of purple-dyed flower at him in parliament.

Looks like it is not all good for PM Blair in the public opinion polls..... Is it time for a change in UK?

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steve martin said...

Good one mate! That's the best post I've read in a long time, anywhere.

Do you have a photo of the purple flour incident? That must be hilarious?