Saturday, February 24, 2007

Poll results and ACT possibilities.

It seems that there is some reasonable news for the right according to the new Roy Morgan poll.

Labour Government is down 1.5% to 39.5% (1.6% below its 2005 General Election result).

National Party is up 0.5% to 41.5% - 2.4% above its 2005 General Election result

The Green Party vote is up 0.5% to 8%

New Zealand First Party is once again unchanged at 4%

ACT New Zealand 2.5% (up 1%)

Maori Party 2% (unchanged)

United Future New Zealand 1.5% (up 0.5%)

Jim Anderton’s Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged)

and ‘Other Parties’ 0.5% (down 1%)

Morgan Poll on Voting Intention was conducted in New Zealand, January 23 - February 5, 2007, with a New Zealand-wide cross-section of 802 electors.

It seems that the Greens will still hold the key, for want of a better word, if an election was held today. Having said that a poll of 802 electors is not really a good enough effort in my opinion. I'd expect that a poll of 3-5000 people would show some differences to what was published but is that type of polling available?

Taking the poll at it's published figures it tells me that ACT has a lot of work to do to get the 15% I think the party needs to make a difference for the people of NZ after the next election. If the people within the Green party can pull 8% then there is no doubt that ACT can do better, but how does it do it?

I suggest a couple of these ideas.

I think that ACT should target Epsom plus 5 - 7 marginal seats or seats that can be won with handpicked possibly already known individuals. While it will be hard work at least it will be a good target for ACT and if the party get 3 or 4 seats then at least ACT is moving forward.

ACT should target 15% of the party vote, why not? I can't see why the goal should be set lower than the highest party vote percentage that ACT has received in the past. Make it known that 15% is what is wanted. If ACT targets 5 % and just miss out then that is bad news for the right.

The ACT web site needs a drastic upgrade, the President needs to get out and about more and ACT members need to be educated correctly on the policy so as they can effectively promote the party to get the momentum rolling. Positive letter writing to publications needs to be done with people saying that they are a ACT members. The public want to join the progressive people, and that is ACT.

The Liberal Party motto needs to go. It just simply confuses non political people. I'd suggest "ACT progressing forward for all New Zealanders" or ACT the progressive party would be a good change. What other idea's are out there?

For policy I'd suggest this.

Tax 20% and 10% GST, or 15% tax and 15% GST

Defense: larger investment in the armed forces with the mention that ACT would support a new fighter wing with F16's etc as well as active recruitment to build up the navy and army and air force. The Navy is having a hard time running the frigates with the lack of recruits. The idea of working for the dole could be suggested that working for the military is an option. That may well frighten some people but with some thought it could well work. ( Many will beg to differ)

Social welfare: Declare that ACT is not the social welfare busting party, but there is some people seriously abusing the social welfare system and ACT will create a system in which people on the social welfare system are reviewed on a 3 monthly basis and if they are not showing any form of change that they will be offered a position in the military, road works, trash removal system or the equivalent of working for the country. There is always going to be people that really are needing social welfare, but a massive shake up is needed.

Sickness beneficiary. Needs to be tested also on a similar basis. I know of people that have been provided with homes and payments for over 30 years by the govt and it leads down to their offspring and it is a never ending story. I am of the opinion that a high percentage of people on the sickness beneficiary are not sick and that they could well be doing something for the community at the least in return for a free ride. NZ spends way to much of the GDP on welfare.

Police: Massive recruiting and funding. It should not be the case that the Police send taxi's for people in trouble. What ever the rate is per person in NZ per police person it should be at least tripled. The police also need to be paid more. Private security is not really an option, but if it happens that way the local councils who hire these crowds should be funded by the govt or allowed to deduct these payments. Also the policeman / lady that shoots a criminal in defense should not be publicly charged if all the correct procedures have been followed. Taking a policeman / lady to court for speeding on public duty or getting a speed camera ticket on public duty, or dare I say it speeding while transporting the leader should be quashed.. It is a waist of public money and it is necessary for them to sometimes move faster than the speed limit. As long as no negligence has been preformed the police should be allowed to do what is necessary to uphold the law. People need to have respect and trust of the police.

Speed limit: There is places in NZ that would allow a safe speed limit of say 120 - 140 kph. This should be something that is considered with extreme guidelines. There is some places in NZ where the speed limit needs to be reduced... I think the whole system needs a big shakeup.

Green themes: Look at what Arnold has done in California. He has put himself in the position as a rather Green Governor and went from bad ratings to winning again. Look at the Green Party on 8%. I think that seriously considering making solar systems on the roofs of buildings tax deductible and giving tax breaks for companies and individuals working towards alternative fuel production is a good idea. As I mentioned last year in a blog post, Brazil is 100% self sufficient of oil now as they have a great ethanol infrastructure. Anything that promotes NZ's green image should be promoted provided it is viable. Electricity production needs to be ramped up in green ways and bio diesel and fuels even hydrogen should be encouraged. Green is good, but the Green Party is not particularly good.

The artists and musicians and actors in NZ do rely on NZ on air and grants and funding to do their work. The PM has a good system set up and I personally know musicians that have benefited in these grants to get their work out to NZ. They are doing their job to promote and entertain NZ and although that may not be ACT's policy, I think that to have a Greg Johnson or a Dave Dobbyn or a Tim Finn publicly telling kiwi's that they support ACT is a good thing and could be worth many millions in marketing and advertising. Having said that for some reason it is accepted that artists are left. I think that should change. I am sure if they knew that they are safe and the current system would stay in place with some minor tweaks, then that may well get more folk thinking ACT too. I'd prefer to support people working hard at getting ahead rather than people who sit on their backsides and bludge with no effort to pay back the community.

There are a lot more idea's, these are just some of mine. I know that change is mandatory within ACT if the party is going to rock ahead. Principals and policies need to be modified and then cemented and promoted.

I am sure that others have some good idea's to get ACT to the point of making a positive difference for all New Zealanders. I'd like to see them right here.


Dobegoo said...

Some well thought out ideas here Robert
YOu shou8lld maybe be here in NZ working with Rodney.

Rob Good said...

But I have the 2008 Presidential elections to help with in USA....

andrewfalloon said...

ACT needs you more than McCain does :)

Some good ideas here Rob. I certainly agree with several things you mention.

Look out for Rodney's next "State of the Nation" speech and several other developments over the next few months.

Rob Good said...

Well it is time to make the big push Andrew and get the momentum going for the next election. ACT needs to poll higher to get any serious credibility and that needs to be effective forthwith. I am always available to help.

Andrew said...

That's a massive jump for ACT if they've gone up 1%. That's a 60% increase.

15% would be a 1000% increase - ie tenfold.

Rob Good said...

They were previously at 7.1% +/- so it is entirely possible for them to get to 15%. The momentum needs to be built up and the policies need to be made clear. PLUS they need to get rid of the liberal party motto.