Tuesday, February 20, 2007

South Beach Miami

I have been here in South Beach since the 13th of February. We are here to scout for new exciting properties for www.distinctiveholidayhomes.com and to attend the Miami International boat show to introduce the boats that are available through DHH to prospective new members. We moored next to a $35,000,000 boat called Barchetta. What a beauty. The weather has been up and down but it is certainly a lot warmer than the 10 degrees F which I experienced in Colorado on route to Miami.

The night life is interesting here. Everything is opened a LOT later than LA and there are a lot of Europeans which is also different to LA.

Walked past Versace's old place where he was shot on Ocean Drive.... What a location. I must say that Miami is certainly a place worth visiting if you get the time.

I'd like to go the the Keys and keep an eye out for Flipper, but time is running out and Ft Lauderdale beacons today.

Off to Beaver Creek again tomorrow as I have to attend to a small situation at the house there....... Back to the snow.


stef said...

As the northern winter drags on, locations such as Miami are starting to look might attractive.

Anonymous said...

Versace was shot in the face?

Heard it wasn't the first time.

Rymann said...

@ Anonymous - you sound like a real classy guy. Let us know when your career reaches the same level of success as Versace's, will you?

Andrew said...

Does Distinctive Holiday Homes offer student rates?

b.c.a. said...

Hi its b.c.a. sorry i could not send u a txt back my phone doesent have any credits on it. I cant believe you had dinner with the "HULKSTER". So whats new with you have you sold aNy houses yet?