Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin - Biden debate October 2nd 2008

The US Vice Presidential debate is now complete, with 69,989,000 people watching the debate. This was the most watched VP debate EVER. Both candidates gave a great performance. Gov Sarah Palin was genuine, informed, reasonably funny and personable, and put up a commendable debate. She had a lot to do in debating the well respected and polished speaker of Sen Biden, who was polite, also well informed and courteous. As per usual if you look on Fox News Gov Palin won and if you look at CNN Sen Biden won. The general consensus before the debate was that the Gov would tank... and the Senator would gaff...... Well neither tanked or gaffed and in fact both were impressive. I liked the line that Gov Palin took out of #40's book and told Sen Biden that "Here you go again" pointing to the past and not the future.
I respect Sen Biden as I have mentioned before. We know where Sen Biden has been in the past with his statements and pronunciations. He has had to move a bit to the left to get behind Sen Obama. With Gov Palin we had a 5 or 6 weeks look into what she believes in and wading through all the BS spin that pops up I think you will find that most of the public that watched the debate will be relieved to know that the Governor of Alaska actually has it.

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Jake Heke said...

Biden drank her milkshake.