Thursday, January 26, 2006

A great post about Canadian Politics.

Upon reading David Farrars blog, he linked to a great posting by American Thinker about the state of the Canadian political system and an explaination about Liberal and Concervative thinking in Canada. Well worth a read. Here


Anvilcloud said...

I just read that blog, and he shows good knowledge of Canada, which I guess he should if he now lives here. I am surprised at some things that he says because I don't see them as having much validitity.

I don't think anybody is teribly impressed with a reduction in the GST, and I don't think that his $1200 child care rebate appealed to many voters as opposed to the Liberal plan. I don't see a four year term as a factor, and I don't see it as Conservative since the Liberals have gone to that system in this province. And please, don't anybody suppose that anybody up here is interested in polygamy. Also wrong, although many people believe it is the notion that crime rates are escalating. Frankly, the opposite is happening. There are some inner city exceptions, I suppose, but it is neither a country-wide trend nor even the general trend in big cities.

In the end, I attribute the deciding factor to be corruption. In fairness, the Conservatives and other parties played it rather well as it had everything to do with the Chretien Liberals and not the Martin regime, and really then it involved relatively few people who are now being held to account as a result of the Gomery Commission.

In any event, I appreciate both his and your interest in what is going on in this country. It's rather refreshing actually.

Rob Good said...

Cheers for your comments.... You seem to have a level headed opinion which is great. I am sure you will be pleased with the way Stephen does his work.... Let me know.