Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sharks at Omaha

According to the NZ herald today, Omaha beach just by Warkworth was closed for an hour yesterday after three large sharks were spotted in the water by a helicopter.

Climatech Lifeguard patrol captain Jamie Piggins said: "We couldn't find them and then a huge 12-foot [3.6m] shark passed right underneath our inflatable rescue boat."

My parents spend time in Omaha regularly, and their small boat would not be the sort of thing I'd want to be in if a huge shark should attack.

Note to Mum and Dad: Get a bigger boat, and or a shotgun please.

The sharks were believed to be makos ranging from 2m to 3m long. Not so bad, but where there is one breed of shark there may well be another.... DA DA.

On Saturday lifeguards at nearby Waipu beach also had to get swimmers out of the water when sharks were spotted.



Dobegoo said...

Hope they all all gone by the end of the month as I am keen to go fishing with Halina.
Scary picture!!!

Rob Good said...

Well be careful and watch out...