Friday, January 20, 2006

Greg Johnson rapidly gaining popularity in USA

Ted and Greg at some Air Force installation we went too.

Greg Johnson from New Zealand and his band who includes the talented Ted Brown are bracing themselves for a lot more touring, gigs and shows up here in USA. The song "Save Yourself" off the -Here comes the Caviar- album is rapidly gaining popularity here in USA. This week the song has been released to at least 14 radio stations across this country. The reviews have been fantastic and all the hard work they, and Gregs manager Michelle, have been doing up here for the last 3 years is starting to pay off.

WBOS in Boston was the first radio station to really push Greg's music in the last part of 2005 and the domino effect has begun from there. If you don't have his album from, or have not downloaded his songs from i-tunes (North America) then log onto . With the song(s) really taking off, you'll certainly be hearing Gregory Johnson at a radio station near you.

Those of you who have visited me in LA, would have more than likely been induced into joining me on a Sunday evening to watch Greg and co warm up for the week over a couple of Renee's specials and a few great songs..... Those nights are always fun and have become quite legendary, especially when I offer my assistance in singing... HA.

So keep up the good work guys, big things are happening from the release of your music here in USA..... WOO HOO


Mike Heine said...

Greg Johnson is freaking excellent! Got that album and his best of, and a poster of Vine Street Stories somewhere at my folks's house!
Here's wishing him every success in the US! (that wasn't meant to rhyme btw)

Rob Good said...

Ahh yes. It was another big night at Renees last night. Greg played all of the good ones.... Everything really kicks off today....All will be good.

Anonymous said...

Yep that Greg Johnson sure is handsome as well, and I hear he's hung like an elephant.