Friday, January 27, 2006

A new slogan for ACT

Trevor Loudon Here has picked up on Daniel F Kings comments on this blog Here about ACT's "The Liberal Party" slogan. I personally DON'T like the slogan and think that ACT would actually be better of without it. Question is..... What would be a better slogan for ACT, should ACT drop a slogan all together, or do you like "The Liberal Party" slogan?

ACT The freedom party, Stand up for NZ ACT, ACT A better New Zealand, ACT A stronger New Zealand, ACT The deciding factor. ACT The right choice, ACT Your party.

There are plenty more.

And don't say "The Peoples Party" that would be very un APT.


Warren Warrender said...

Hi Rob,

Another great post....certainly one for everyone to think about.

Isn't all about "branding" (god I hate the corporate BS language)??

I quite like ACT The right choice. At least there is a reference to a perceived core value -- choice.

Ben Worth said...

You have to be very careful with slogans because they tend to suck. How about a nice rhetorical question like "What's wrong with prosperity?" No one could really come up with anything and it implicitly but clearly states what ACT is after.

Oswald Bastable said...


Dump 'the liberal party'

People, bless their little cotton socks, take that one the wrong way!

Liberal=leftie to so many NZ'ers.

You have to keep it simple for the potential followers- remember- they ARE followers!

How about 'ACT Now!'

Heine said...

I agree, I am not a fan of the Liberal name whatsoever. I am a right wing liberal with smatterings of conservatism here and there.. but the name itself reeks of dirty leftism.

I will have to think more about what would be better as a slogan, if we really need one. National doesn't have one and we know they are conservatives.

Rob Good said...

It looks like about 90%+/- of people dont like the liberal slogan>>>

andrewfalloon said...

I agree, I'm a liberal but I don't think the slogan does anything for us.

Better to have something else or nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

I quite like ACT: The Freedom Party, and also ACT: The Right Choice.

Although there is a Freedom Party in Austria that isn't good to be linked to in name.

Warren Warrender said...

It's positive we are getting this feedback from ACT supporters, if only the party hierachy would listen....again a bloody good, tbought provoking blog by Rob.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Freedom Party that useless offshoot spawned by King and his mates in the hope that ACT would collapse at the last election? Better be careful about using that slogan!

Anonymous said...

Haha, mate (singular).
King and a formerPresidential candidate who got thumped.

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Anonymous - that was PAUL King, not Daniel King who has been a candidate for ACT in the past and has commented on this blog.

Dobegoo said...

ACT the Right Choice - sounds good - its cuts out any leaning to he left too.

Mike Heine said...

I really loved 'Values Not Politics' and I wish we hadn't changed that. I guess some thought it needed freshening up?

Rob Good said...

Yes that was good..... Hope the new president has some balls to make some changes.