Monday, January 23, 2006

A right wing Canada.

Canadians awarded Conservative Leader Stephen Harper with a minority government Monday, putting an end to more than 12 years of Liberal rule.

As of 1:00 a.m. ET, the Conservatives were in line to take 125 seats, versus 103 for Paul Martin's Liberals.

But prime minister designate Harper was denied the 155 seats needed to lead a Tory majority, meaning he'll have to rely on the backing of at least one opposition party to survive in the 308-seat House of Commons.

The NDP also gained more seats than previously handing them the balance of power. I was hoping for a Conservative majority, but I will watch closely as PM Harper makes Canada a better place and works with other partys to steer through the muck that has been created by the Liberals after 13 years.

Ousted PM Paul Martin is to resign as the leader of the Liberal party. He will still work his seat that he won, but will let others take control of the Liberals.

Congratulations Conservative Party and Stephen Harper.


Trevor Loudon said...

As the NDP is even further left than the Liberals, who can Harper work with-Bloc Quebecois?

Warren Warrender said...

As least the Liberal bastards are confined to the opposition benches. Though not punishment enough for the handwringing socialists that they are.

I don't follow Canadian politics as the country appears ladden with losers, but the good to come out of it is perhaps Harper cosying up to Bush more than his predecessor.

Roman said...

Quite a professional blog you run here. But then again, my political understanding only reaches so far to know that me and Arnold Schwarzenegger share one thing: We both come from Austria.
So, how the hell did he made it to America, and how the hell did a new zealander get there?
Great blog. Rich content. Keep it going.

Rob Good said...

Trevor, it seems that they will need to rely on the BQ for confidence votes. The NDP are the worries, and contrary to what I was previously thinking.... BQ are maybe not that bad as long as they get fed a bit..... Both Conservative and BQ dislike the Liberals, so maybe it will be a bit like the Maori Party and National getting along...... You'd never expect it but it might work.

Harper will do Canada some good.

Roman. I guess Arnold was sponsored by the golds gym guy. He has done well. Your website is very professional too. Good luck with your studies.

Yoda said...

At an end the Liberal Party's rule is. And not short enough it was.

redwingedblackbird said...

stephen harper scares the pants off of me and if he continues in his ways i probably won't have the right (being a female) to take off my pants soon enough.

on election day there was a lone woman standing on one of the busiest street corners in the city waving a home made sign with the words "anyone but harper" on it. there were many honkers and i would have been one of them if i had a horn at that time.