Wednesday, March 29, 2006

F1 update pre Australia.

It has been an exciting change in Formula one so far this year. The qualifying is very interesting, the new V8's are getting through the teething problems, and hasn't Nico Rosberg with Williams been rather impressive setting the fastest lap during a race on his maiden outing in a F1 car?

The first two races have been dominated by 05 Champions Renault with both Alonso and Fisi taking the top step on the podium each. McLaren have been a bit down so far this season, but I am predicting that the Australian GP in Melbourne will bring them to light. Kimi and Juan Pablo are wanting the spotlight, as is Jenson Button of Honda.

Ferrari and Michael Schumacher took the # 2 place on the podium in Bahrain which was the best result for them since Indy 05 which was a bit of a farce. The improvement looks to be there with Ferrari, so keep an eye on them. Massa is proving to be a rather good match for Schumacher.

Honda is showing some potential too, although it looks like Reubens is being out shone by Button. I think that like Jacques Villeneuve, Reubens likes the car set up perfectly then he can bolt on up the standings. Looks like Honda need to move quickly in setting up Reubens car.

I am really hoping that Jacques Villeneuve can pull something out of the hat this year, it is possible although BMW seem to be a little down on power at this stage. His performance in Malaysa was rather impressive, but he is on the same engine for Melbourne, so he may be a bit light on the throttle during practice and at the beginning of the race. Time will tell, but I know that Jacques still has it in him.

So watch the race this weekend. It is a pity that Murray Walker turned down the opportunity to do the commentary for the Australian race. But he will be there as a Honda representative, so he may pop up sometime during the race. I hope so.

Nico Rosberg of Williams Cosworth F1

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