Friday, March 24, 2006

The members have voted within ACT

According to Rodney "The Boss" Hide's web site, The members of ACT New Zealand have elected Garry Mallett as their new President and Trevor Loudon as Vice-President.

Congratulations to Garry and Trevor. We are behind you and await positive results from your leadership.

Regonal and board members are as follows......

Regional Board Members

Auckland North: Brendon Cullen
Auckland South: David Seymour
Wellington: Michael Collins

Deputy Board Members

Auckland South: Warren Jones
Waikato/BOP: Ron Scott
Upper South: Andrew Falloon

It is good to see Mr Falloon amongst it all.

May ACT now proceed forwards with positivity and some prudent changes to move ahead and start getting back the % that we have lost, allowing ACT to win more seats and get in the position to be a great partner with National.


Please get rid of the slogan... "The liberal party"

All the best.

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