Friday, March 03, 2006

If you were G W Bush as low in the polls

Buffeted by resistance to the port transaction and discontent over the turmoil in Iraq, President Bush's approval rating fell to 38%, the lowest level recorded for him in a Times poll. His disapproval rating rose to 58%. Well it is not going to make a difference to him in the next Presidential election, as he can't run again, it must be getting to him personally as the approval polls for #43 seem to get lower and lower all the time.

In a trend that could affect turnout in the November midterm elections, Bush confronts what might be called an intensity gap... The percentage of Americans who said they strongly disapproved of his performance on a wide range of issues greatly exceeded the share who strongly approved. This is not a positive thing for the GOP.

The Times/Bloomberg poll, supervised by Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus, surveyed 1,273 adults nationwide from Saturday through Wednesday. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Well not a large poll, it does seem to reflect a lot of what I hear from people when I talk about George. George is not someone to bring up at this stage in California if you don't want to get into some sort of negative banter in a public situation. George needs some positive PR.

So the question is.....

If you were the President of the USA at this point of time, what would you do to try and improve your popularity rating to assist your party in the mid term elections in November, and at least have some piece of mind that the majority of the public support your agenda?????????


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Behaving like a Republican president on economic issues might help - a significant economic package that involves reductions in federal spending would be a help. Replacin Rumsfeld with someone more popular and seen to be more responsive may help allay some fears about the way in which the Iraq situation is being managed.

Warren Warrender said...


Very true.
Bush is attempting to reduce the federal budget but this is offset by ballooning military costs.

I'd say a phased pull out of Iraq would help. I'd also recommend sourcing cheaper energy in the short term 2-5 years. That means drilling Alaska which won't work, therefore they need to find a way to get Iraq's oil production moving again.

Replacing Rumsfeld would be a good move. Bush needs to have moderates in his cabinet. This may sound far fetched but would Colin Powell be such a bad choice as Secretary of Defense. Admittedly he didn't sell American foreign policy so well, but the man knows military and is popular.

Heine said...

The anti Bush bandwagon is now ingrained in US society. Katrina and the blame that Bush sustained (as unfair as it was) hit him hard.

If Bush pulls out of Iraq the country will more than likely implode into civil war, and therefore creating another state who will hate the US for abandoning them in their greatest time of need. Bush needs to replace those around him, Powell for one is an excellent articulate man. I know that Powells personal reasons will prevent him going too high up in the administration but he should at least be utilised now before he retires.

Bush needs to start cutting expenditure and taxes otherwise the economy will be in trouble when the next Republican takes over!

Rob Good said...

Heine, Colin Powell has retired? I am not sure that he would come back. Rumsfield is tough, why replace a person who is doing his job well.

I would suggest that GWB hops on the phone and convinces international UN forces to RAMP up the soldiers in Iraq. Then clean the place up. To pull out will cause a hot bed of terriorism in over thre that will escalade and be a bad thing.

International diplomacy would be a good thing.... Lowering taxes is not a bad idea if it is accross the board. The amount of money USA owes is troublesome.... People would probably like to pay more taxes if there was a clear and defined plan to cut the deficit rapidly... Hopefully that wont be up to the Democrats.

When the President speaks from the hip his ratings go a lot higher. He needs to do that more often.

I would suggest that if the Iraq war was controlled by the UN and there was 500,000 or more international forces in Iraq, then things could start moving and like UK..... The USA could plan a troop reduction by 2008.

Thing is the job has to be finished.... To leave Iraq now would not be a kind thing to do to the average Iraqi.