Monday, March 27, 2006

Tony Blair in NZ

British PM Tony Blair is in NZ today with his wife Cherie. It appears that other than John Major who attended the CHOGM meeting in 1995, Blair will be the first British PM in 48 years to visit NZ for bilateral talks.

I didn't appear that the public went too overboard with the anti-war protests. All is does is cost the NZ taxpayer $$$ for extra security. About 200 people were protesting last night, but PM Blair evaded them by entering via a different enterance.


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

By public, you mean a small sector of miscreants who would protest any issue or person arriving the country if asked to.

And I suspect a goodly number of them don't pay taxes, so wouldn't care about security.

Rob Good said...

Yes correct, but that small sector of people seem to always make a mockery of the realistic people who live within the area... The protests never change any sort of policy other than the NZ security budget for protection incoming dignataries.

t selwyn said...

Well say what you like about the rent-a-mob who protested on Queen St. I was at the back entrance and put my questions to Mr Blair as he entered. Along with a few other people. I was drowned out by the chants of "shame" however.

Rob Good said...

I hope he answered your questions for you.