Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Election. Stephen Harper is still PM

OTTAWA — Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won a muscular minority mandate Tuesday night as Canadian voters entrusted the prime minister with the levers of government in tough economic times — but not a blank cheque. Congratulations to the Conservatives, Stephen Harper and the citizens of Canada.....

The outcome saw the Liberals sink to they’re lowest level of popular support since the election of 1867 — and surely means a third change of leadership in five years for what was long dubbed Canada’s natural governing party. Unfortunately the Liberal leader Dion was not as effective as he had hoped. His English was terrible and he had trouble understanding questions given to him by the English speaking media. As I mentioned in a previous posting, I am expecting Mr Dion to be looking for a new occupation very shortly.

Justin Trudeau who is the son of deceased Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau won his seat in this election. He is up and coming, so expect him to endeavor to be the Canadian PM one day.

The Conservatives were headed for 143 seats, up from 124 in the last election, while the Liberals were down to 77 from 103. The NDP was up by nine seats to 38 and the Bloc Quebecois shed two seats to 48. Two Independents also won.

I would have preferred a majority for the Conservatives and Stephen Harper, but the people of Canada have given them more seats and they are just shy of a majority. There is work to be done, but all in all a great result.

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Wingate said...

Mr. Hide says-
"Government must facilitate the transfer of real resources from government to the productive sector so we can pay our way."
The real money will keep away from New Zealand because the only productive private sector making headway in New Zealand are either members of the Northern Club mates or those bribing / networking via the legal and political channels.A recent report rated New Zealand last when it comes to business fighting red and green tape, claims etc.Certainly there is a legal system you can use to view these issues, but you pay your way through these lawyer created traps.Until the politicians get this New Zealand will be a sad place.