Saturday, October 18, 2008

F1 world championship 2008

We have two races left in the 2008 Formula One championship. Currently McLaren's Lewis Hamilton leads the points table with 84 points over Ferrari's Felipe Massa with 79 points. BMW's Robert Kubica on 72 is in the running but has qualified badly for todays Chinese Grand Prix, so he has a big race ahead of him to keep in contention for the title. Unfortunately my favorite driver Kimi Raikkonen and current World Champion is not in the running for a double title and will be working hard to keep Massa in front of Hamilton. Fernando Alonso who has twice been World Champion with Renault has mentioned that he'd prefer Massa or Kubica to win the title over his old team mate Hamilton, so Hamilton best preform today and watch out for tank slaps from other teams... . The last two races are going to be great.
First place gets 10 points
Second place gets 8 points
Third place gets 6 points
Fourth = 5 points
Fifth = 4 points
Sixth = 3 points
Seventh = 2 points
Eighth = 1 point
Hamilton needs 16 points to guarantee the Championship over the last two races provided that Massa and Kubica get points in the next 2 races which means he needs to get a first and third place to clinch it. He is on pole today in China followed by Kimi and then Massa. Lets see if he doesn't stuff it up again this year.


Craig of the Melb said...

Now he only needs a 3rd to wrap it all up! Go Hamilton, i hope Alonso smashes his car into Massa trying to t-bone Hamilton. What a joke this championship is. Past years i couldn;t help but watch it as one of the great motorsports, but now i haven't watched a race in a LONG time. Mosley has ruined the sport & the stewards are a debacle.

Rob Good said...

I was kind of hoping Kubica would come through, but not this time. The racing will be more interesting next year with KERS. I am speculating that BMW will have the upper hand next year. Italians and English are not the best with electronics. If Lewis wins the Championship he deserves it as does Massa. I try to watch every race and qualifying Craig...It is still brilliant. Mosley needs to probably stand down soon. I dont like the idea of engine freezes and one engine for all. May as well watch A1GP if that was the case.

Craig of Syd said...

Couldn't agree more! It should stay as the pinnacle, and there is a certain glamour to it that should always be there. The only imporvement they needed, they made with making the drivers more involved with less electronics. Kubica next year......maybe, but more likely Hamilton vs Alonso. Massa can't quite get there - he's great but not quite LH, KR or FA level. Just under them.

Rob Good said...

Will you be absentee voting Craig? Give ACT your Party vote and if you are in Epsom Electorate make sure you vote for Rodney too.

Craig said...

Unfortuantely i never enrolled in time. But if i was, i'd vote that way. Time to fix things, and get the hospitals running again. NZ is an embarrasment.

Rob Good said...

Well you can still register here Craig.

Do it.