Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Maori Party or ACT?

Who would you most like to see in parliament after the election on November 8th?

The Maori Party and Labour


The National Party and ACT?

DO you want another 3 years of PM Clark, or would you prefer a change of government and a government of change with National / ACT making a difference to make NZ a better place, increase NZ's stance in the world and get the flow of money going to the hardworking people of NZ and be TOUGH on crime?

Is New Zealand a better place now than it was in 1999 when Helen Clark and Labour came to power? Really is it?

Labour has a PC facsination which is taking NZ down the road of doom.

You give your disobedient child a clip and you can end up in jail.
It is likely that you know one or two or three or more folks who are tied up with the P epedemic.
The Police are weak and are too busy giving speeding and parking tickets than solving serious crime.
The cost of everything in NZ is obscene.
Wages are low if we compare to other 1st world countries.
Taxes are too high and the lazy are sucking NZ dry by getting handouts and not working.
NZ military is unfortunately the laughing stock of the South Pacific. There is not enough enlisted folk to properly run the frigates and equipment NZ has.
Labour stopped NZ's fighter wing and there is currently Oriens and Hurcules or AUSTRALIA to rely on if god forbid something terroristic or unusual happens. NZ has lowered her guard.

This has to be fixed. NZ is currently broken.

NZ has the ability to be a strong, wealty, well educated, proud and prosporus country. Will this have a chance of working under another 3 years of Labour / NZ First / Greens?

Do you like being where you are right now?


Do you want a better opportunity for yourself and NZ?

So if you feel that NZ is a truly better place since 1999 continue as you have done.

If you know that NZ can do a lot better, that the government can actually make you proud, be TOUGH on crime and put more money in your pocket, that the people and businesses of NZ have the ability to step it up a gear and become truly world class competing with the Australian, Canadian, US and European's, that the Police are to be relied upon to protect and serve, that that tax rates should be lower and that the education system needs to be modified then.

Party Vote in every electorate for ACT, also vote for the ACT candidate in Epsom (Rodney Hide) and Botany (Kenneth Wang) ( and Rodney District(my mother Beryl Good) :-) and Support your National Candidate with the Candidate vote in the rest of the country. The Party Vote for ACT will secure a Government of Change and a change of government.

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Rob Good said...

Lockwood Smith of National is likely to win the Rodney District seat again. Party Vote ACT in Rodney and Candidate Vote my Mother Beryl Good of ACT if you are not happy with Lockwood's performance of late.