Friday, October 17, 2008

W the movie

I just got back from the opening night of W the movie by Oliver Stone. It was a somewhat comedic performance with many laughs throughout the show and surprising enough I believe that it shows George W Bush in sympathetic light.
Basically, it made Dick Cheney look like the devil, along with Donald Rumsfeld and the folks who convinced President Bush that there were WMD's in Iraq. It is not the best movie I have seen by far, but it made GWB look like a President who meant the best for Iraq and Americans and was badly advised and somewhat tricked by some of his advisors. Colin Powell, Karl Rove and GWB are the good guys in this movie. The lady who played Laura Bush is beautiful. Condoleeza Rice looked like a puppet although in real life I think she is a very effective Secretary of State. Watch it if you will, but I am not sure if you'll want it for your DVD collection, buy Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead.

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