Monday, October 27, 2008

Greencard lottery time

It's Green Card lottery time

New Zealanders are eligible for the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program”.

Applications to win a Green Card to live and work in the US are open till 12 noon Eastern time on 1 Dec 2008.

More information at the State Department website which is: Here

If you have a previous drug charge, a DIC / DYI, or a conviction, don't bother applying. There is no payment necessary up front, you only pay to the US consulate if you win as a documentation fee (some people set up fake sites and charge you upon application and rip you off). If you win you will have the option to move to the USA upon being approved ( normally within 1 year of winning) and you will need to be in the USA for 6 months and 1 day of every year (for tax reasons). You will then be elegible to become a citizen after you have been in USA for 5 years (on US soil). This is a fantastic way of moving legally to USA. I encourage you to apply if you'd like the opportunity.




Tali said...

People from all over the world can win the American Green Card by registering to the DV Lottery program done by the US State Department every year.
The chances are very high. People can register directly on the US site or use a professional company's services. An organization that renders such services and makes sure the application is submitted correctly is USAGC Organization:

Click Here to get the Green Card

Tali said...

50,000 win a USA Green Card and you can be one of them.

Click Here and Register now!

USAGC Organization

doron said...

I registered with USAGC last year and WON the green card.
I recieved a wonderful service and they even ehlped me with many issues when i came to USA.

Good luck to every one.
their site is:

Rob Good said...

only register with the us govt site. These folks who commented above are not recommended

kiwibma said...

You absolutely don't need to use a 3rd party for this. We filled our applications online at the site and won the lottery. Most of the 3rd party sites are scam artists.

Leigh, kiwi living in San Diego!