Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bunny Party

Went to another party last night in Hollywood. It was interesting to see that there were some playboy models there and one of them was moonlighting as "The worlds best looking DJ". Well she was rather good looking, and probably had the ability to turn the record player on and flip sides, but I didn't hear a lot of mixes. I was disappointed that she was only on for 20 minutes, as it was not enough time for me to get the jist of her skills. Have to give it to her though, I was at the party with DJ-VMO, and she got wind of it and became nervous. We all went up afterwards and congratulated her on a good show. For a blonde she is very cute.

Off to airport soon. Will blog light for next 2 days.


Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

do you know what would of been even more exciting that a bunny scattered party? a party with hugh there .. 0o0oo or donald trump ....

not that i find either of them attractive.

Rob Good said...

I have seen Hugh out with the Bunny's. You'd probably not be impressed Annika.