Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The new Boeing 747-800

I am delighted to see that Boeing is to produce the 747 Advanced, or 747-800 as she will be known. It was mandatory for Boeing to update the magnificent 747-400, or else Airbus would be stealing all the limelight and sales with the new A380.

The 747-800 is going to be a massive upgrade on the current 400 version, and it will use composite materials, more efficient engines, and it will be bigger. Check the Boeing site out...

747-800 site


stef said...

I don't really fancy taking the A380. Boarding, immigration, security will be a bitch and the first one of those bad boys to crash is going to be nasty.

Of course with for the busy airports the A380 creates a problem as they'll need an even bigger lag between take offs.

Rob Good said...

Yes A380 will be nice to watch, but ideally not best to fly in for after two or 3 years of commercial service.... Nothing beats Boeing.