Friday, November 11, 2005

Had a spectacular night at the Denim Bar

It was great for me to catch up with a lot of my old and good friends last night in Parnell, some of which I had not seen for 5 years or more. The folks at Denim Bar put on a good show and the bar tab lasted for a good portion of the night. I must say with the closing hours of bars in LA at 130am, I am feeling rather tired today as I was out till 5am....... I had a great time though.. Thanks to everyone for showing up.


Cathy Odgers said...

Good effort for the Birthday boy.

Now. What kind of cake did you get?

Rob Good said...

My parents brought a cake the size of Africa. When you going to NYC? Nearly time to get you a cake Cathy.

Cathy Odgers said...


Next weekend. Shhhhh about NY. Everyone will want presents.

Rob Good said...

HOw long you stay?