Sunday, November 13, 2005

Canadian elections again?

Having lived in Canada for a few years, I must say I love the place, but the politics and political correctness of Canada is out of control. It now seems that just after a recent election were Jean Cretchien and the liberal party won AGAIN, and handed power over to the new Prime Minister Paul Martin after Jean retired, there is prospects of another election very soon...... This from

A defiant Liberal government rejected opposition demands for a February election setting the stage for a campaign over the Christmas holidays.

"A lot will be lost to serve the opposition's demands," Tony Valeri, the Liberal House leader in the Commons, predicted Sunday.

"Families will be interrupted by candidates campaigning on their doorsteps through the Christmas holiday season."

The comments came after the three opposition party leaders, in a newly forged strategic alliance, gave Prime Minister Paul Martin two unpalatable choices:

Agree to call an election on his own in the first week of January face a non-confidence motion that would topple his government before the end of November.

The first option would see voters cast their ballots in mid-February. But it would also see Justice John Gomery deliver his second report on the federal sponsorship scandal in mid-campaign.

The second option would launch a campaign that overlaps the Christmas-New Year festive season, although the actual voting day would be Jan. 9.

I will be in Canada for Christmas, so it should be extra interesting.....


stef said...

Canadian politics is so boring. I have question are Canadians as pricky in country as they are out of it?

Rob Good said...

Canadians are actually more like Kiwi's than Ozzies. They are a little more down to earth and rather friendly. What you find in Canada is that the west coast is not to fond of the east coast especially the francophones. I would not describe Canadians as prickly.

Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

canada is weird

Rob Good said...

Bhatnagar and I are both Canadian.......... Maybe that explains it Annika?